Good Things

This list is from a Good and Bad Things page I used to maintain; and in the interest of keeping the data alive, I post it here (some things were posted many years ago). The Good List:

Windless windchimes -- windchimes on a stand that use a clever set of microchips and electronmagnets to simulate wind action.

Recoil albums -- Alan Wilder (of Depeche Mode fame) puts together some excellent music, heavily synth-based, with many fine guest vocalists.

The Altec-Lansing ACS45 speaker system -- for $100 you get a subwoofer and two satellite speakers with very good sound (good upper-end clarity, great low end). The big beef: the volume controls are two membrane switches on one of the satellite speakers. You can't change the volume quickly, nor can you know the state of the volume circuit until a sound plays. Sometimes a good ol' volume knob is the way to go (and I see in the new models they've incorporated a front-mounted volume knob).

Morninglory Music ( -- Will give you on-line instantaneous quotes for any CDs you wish to sell, and will then send you a prepaid mailer for them. I got a fair quote on several CDs, received the mailer a few days later, sent in the CDs, and got my check within a week. Bonus: you only send back the CD and the paper from the jewel cases, you get to retain the cases.