My food invention of the day: Eurotoast

I've been a fan of some British food for some time, especially beans on toast, which I find makes a nice savory breakfast. I recently bought a nice jar of Amish sauerkraut, and decided to try it as the topping of the day on my beanie toast, and it is a great combination. (I also found this recipe for baked beans and sauerkraut, which I'm going to try soon, although I may just add the sauerkraut after it's cooked, so as not to kill the sauerkraut's probiotics by cooking them).

Here's the recipe:
  1. Make some toast: I prefer to use a nice hearty sourdough that won't wimp out when covered with wet foods... one of our local stores sells Stone House bread, and it's worth the drive there just for that.
  2. Butter that toast... I know we're about to put other things on it, but this is important for mouth feel and taste.
  3. Add a respectable layer of baked beans... I prefer the firmer, more savory nature of Grillin' Beans to traditional, softer/sweeter baked beans; I use them room-temp out of the can or cold out of the fridge.
  4. Layer on some sauerkraut, letting some of the liquid drain back into the container before putting it on the toast (I use a fork for this).
I have dubbed this creation Eurotoast, because it's a British food base with a German twist (although many other European countries also include sauerkraut as part of their history/heritage).