Hummus Made Easy

I saw this at the store the other day and tried the black bean version: very good! Best hummus I've ever had. (click headline above to go the product website)

I made it using an electric mixer, so the beans weren't completely mushed, there was some nice texture to not having them completely blended.

I read somewhere that hummus is made better by adding sour cream, and that works even for packaged hummus, and also for this.

I made another batch with refried black beans, and some chopped onion and only light mixing, and that is maybe the best batch so far.

I read a Tweet once that said "I feel good knowing I've put so many of the Sabra kids through college." :-)

I have no affiliation with Bush's, an have received no recompense for this post; I'm just a person who has tried to like hummus, and now knows how to make really good hummus.